Life Lesson #1. Slumps and Humps

I don’t know if this is too personal for a blog, but today I hit somewhat of a downhill slope. I had an amazing weekend with my best friends and a great date, parties, Personal training session, dancing, and halloween theatrics. I moved from day to day with joy, excited for the next part that was the come. Monday was great too. I had more than usually work to do which was nice. So the hours passed by more like molasses than a snail (Do we know which goes faster? I feel an experiment coming on…). Then right after I swiftly headed through the treterous traffic to the heart of downtown Sale Lake City to meet my best friends for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, or aka CPK.

I just wish everyday was filled with that excitement and fun! Today felt like falling into a pile of rocks and then after having someone pelt those same rocks at me again and again. Rather uncomfortable.

I got to thinking as I drove home in my car in silence… Is this how life is? We start on a new path thats all amazing and exciting until one day you hit a wall of routine and the excitement just fizzles. Like Any new school year or Job or maybe a relationship.

For example, I was so excited to graduate college. After 4 1/2 loooooong stressful years I was going to be able to finally do what I wanted! Which by trade was graphic design. After graduation It was so fun to point and laugh (figure of speech people, im not that rude) as fellow friends would come home with mountains of homework as I was enjoying my time relaxing with no worry or constraints. Now, almost a year after graduation, the boring work slump has hit me and I long to be back in school.

I wonder if marriage is that way too? No, I’ve never been married, close, dangerously close, but could never convince him to seal the deal. But I could see the marriage slump happening. Its exciting at first it looks like, and i hope that one day I can experience it. But if life follows the constant repeating circle of events, wouldn’t there come a time when spicing up the marriage is a must?

After just getting out of a year long relationship, I always think if I am ever going to find love again? At age 23 I am past my prime marrying years in the mormon culture and am entering the scary “could be single forever” phase. I had such high hopes for myself. I was going to be a successful graphic designer married to a hunk living in a downtown loft with a little pomeranian named Pixel to greet me when I got home.

Could it still happen? Am I not too old for fairy tales to come true? I just want my life to start! I want to have a fresh outlook and love to be where I am. But like many quotes and song lyrics I hear, they talk about loving life now and don’t always look ahead for happiness. I try to embrace that philosophy, but then visions of sugar plums dance in my head.

  1. thatgirlwhit said:

    you hit the nail right on the head for me in this post. my ups and downs are so extreme and sudden. i hate it. but i try to remember that we have to know the bitter to know the sweet. and i think it’s common and part of human nature to aspire for more and greater than what we have. as long as we remain grateful for what we DO have in the process.
    girl, you are NOT too old! believe me. everything is still incredibly possible. goodness, you are at a point where you could still do ANYTHING you wanted with your life! think of it as a blessing…you still have certain doors open for you that would otherwise be closed if you were married and had a family. which is a blessing and shows that there are great things expected of you!
    you ARE so successful!

    uganda this summer sounds like a fantastic idea. if the opportunity is there, and things all fall into place. i think it means GO!
    efy…..i LOVE efy!!! i worked as a counselor here in GA the summer before my mish. i’ve been dying to do it again! i know it’s getting close to the time to sign up…i’m glad you reminded me…thanks! i think i might do it!! you should too! i’m not sure about my summer sched…but if it comes down to it, i can always pull out if it won’t work for me.

    • I know I always talk about getting old i think its the whole provo thing getting to me. Everyone here is so young! lol. But I definately agree that there is still alot for me to do which might not otherwise be an option. I really really wnt to do the Uganda thing. I can’t wait. I need to get signed up before Dec. 1st. I was reading yesterday through the Relief Society conference session and Uchdorfs talk “Forget-Me-Not” was amazing. It really made me think. Favorite quote …

      “There is nothing wrong with righteous yearnings—we hope and seek after things that are “virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.”4 The problem comes when we put our happiness on hold as we wait for some future event—our golden ticket—to appear.”

      He was talking about charlie and the chocolate factory golden ticket. how everyone thought they wouldnt be truly happy unless they found the golden ticket. I feel like alot of times that I wont be happy until I get to the next step in my life or accomplish the next thing. Ive definately found happiness along the way though so that is good. Its true that we must be grateful for what we have no matter what. So remember my complaints about my skin?? Its clearing up!!! the new product I got is working and I am soooo grateful! Silly thing to worry about and I always think that people will love me no matter what my flaws are. So I am grateful for that.

      You should definately do Efy counseling again!. I have never done it and would love to get that experience. I think it would be so fun to just hangout with the youth and try to be there friend and possibly teach them something. I worked in elementary schools my last two years of college and loved it. I used to hate kids being an only child haha but they really grew on me. Now I want like 7! ha. thanks for being a counselor to me! I feel like I need to give you advice on something lol

  2. thatgirlwhit said:

    i absolutely LOVE uchtdorf. he ALWAYS hits home for me. that quote is so perfect. thankyou for that.

    i’m glad that your skin is getting better! i actually recently switched over to using this rather expensive all mineral make-up (i couldn’t help it, i was coerced by a very attractive and flirty make-up artist…ha! it happens!) and it’s much better for my skin. i love it! worth the cost.
    but seriously…even though it seems petty… is a big deal! so i feel you on that.

    i want to do efy. though i half-way have a fear it will interfere with my current job or school or something. this is why i’m a bad decision maker. i get indecisive. but i should just sign up anyway, right?!

    i’m thrilled for your Uganda experience-to-be!

    this may seem crazy…but maybe (i’m not sure what my sched is going to be like) me and elissa could meet up with you one day for a little bit sometime while i’m there?!

  3. That doesnt seem crazy at all! I would absolutely Love that!!! She lives in Pioneer village, she used to live in my apartment complex and simply adore her. It would be so fun to do lunch or dinner or whatever. im pretty much free anytime, my life is one word.. FLEXIBLE. I have no set schedule :). I should text her today anyway, she was saying she wanted to hangout. We both broke up with our serious boyfriends at the same time so we had alot of heart to hearts. let me know when works best for you guys!

  4. thatgirlwhit said:


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